Translation, Migration, & Gender in the Americas, the Transatlantic, & the Transpacific
5-8 Jul 2017 Bordeaux (France)

BORDER CROSSING. Translation, Migration, & Gender in the Americas, the Transatlantic, & the Transpacific


“Chroniclers bind the inner and outward history of isolated humanity, but travellers connect all humanity together" (Grace King)

This first SSAWW (Society for the Study of American Women Writers)  conference in Europe will address the significance of border crossings in the lives and works of American women writers, be they expressed in travel writing, fiction or poetry. The conference theme invites participants to explore the broad spectrum of possibilities generated by such cross-cultural interactions, as well as the challenge consequently posed to literary canons. How has this experience affected women writers’ worldview and conception of language? To what extent do their modes of exploration differ from those of their male counterparts? How important were such contacts in allowing women writers to develop a consciousness of otherness and/or forge a community of feeling and experience transcending national and/or cultural barriers?

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SSAWW Conference Program

Conference Director: Stéphanie Durrans

Conference Planning Committee: Susan Barrett, Véronique Béghain, Charlotte Blanchard, Sarah Dufaure, Richard Ellis, Lhorine François, Noëmie Leduc, Anne Reynes-Delobel, Pascale Sardin

Conference Assistants : Blanche Abey, Gaëtan Bessou, Iman Boudraa, Morgane Capdeville, Hannah Champion, Camille Daignan, Kim Daly, Thibault Delsol, Maëva Gonfond, Sarah Goulard, Aurélie Hattabi, Perrine Laborde, Emilie Le Roy-Thavanesan, Vilela Matthias



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